Being Productive

  • Buying a Plane Ticket

    Learn how to search for and buy plane tickets online.

  • Cloud Storage

    Learn what cloud storage is, who offers it, and how to use it in this class.

  • Creating a Basic Budget with Excel

    Learn basic computer skills needed to create a basic household budget using spreadsheet programs like Microsoft Excel. Skills include creating a spreadsheet, entering data, writing formulas, applying formatting, inserting rows, and copying data to paste into a new sheet.

  • Microsoft Word

    Learn how to create, format, and save a document in Microsoft Word.

  • Online Health Information

    The Internet is a common place to look for health information. This course will help you understand how to access reliable sources for health information, and how to avoid potentially harmful information.

  • Using to Enroll in Health Insurance

    Learn the basics of how to enroll in health insurance using This course looks at the process of determining eligibility, preparing to enroll, creating an account, and finding local help to successfully enroll in a health insurance plan as a part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as “Obamacare”.

  • Using MyHealthFinder for Preventive Care

    Most health plans, including plans available through the Health Insurance Marketplace, must cover a set of preventive services such as shots or vaccines, and screening tests at no cost to you only when they are delivered by a provider in your plan’s network. Using you’ll see many common recommendations such as diet counseling, depression screening, blood pressure screening, and a long list of immunization vaccines to prevent measles, the flu, and mumps, and more. Recommendations vary based on age, sex, family history, and other reasons.

  • Using the Web to Get Stuff Done

    In this free tutorial, learn more about how to use the Internet to buy and sell items, find a home or an online review, use Wikipedia, and do more.

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