Connecting with Others

  • Basics of Video Conferencing

    Learn how to use video conferencing tools to attend and host online meetings.

  • Getting Started with Telehealth

    Learn about the benefits of telehealth, how to communicate with a provider using secure messaging, the technology needed to attend a telehealth appointment, and tips for attending a telehealth appointment.

  • How to Zoom

    This set of training videos is mostly geared towards those who need to join and participate in a Zoom meeting, but have never used Zoom before and may not feel confident enough to explore on their own. Hosting a meeting is not covered here.

  • Intro to Facebook

    Learn the basics of Facebook in this class, including signing up, finding friends, posting, and privacy.

  • Intro to Skype

    Learn the basics of Skype in this class, including signing up, adding contacts, and making a video call.

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